How Do I Manage My NCCU AD Password?

Every faculty and staff member is given the resources to reset, change and recover their own password.

On Campus 

You can update your password on campus by completing the following steps:

  1. Hit the Ctrl - Alt - Delete at the same time and clicking change password.
  2. Enrolling in the password management system and changing your password. Click here for instructions.

Off Campus

Our password management system (PortalGuard) provides a self-service avenue for students, faculty, and staff to unlock their Active Directory account or reset their Active Directory password. This is the NCCU AD password that is used for accessing the wireless network, on campus computers/printers, myEOL, Banner, Blackboard and more.

Click this link to go directly to PortalGuard to manage your password.
Click this link for more information about our self service management tool.

Not sure about registering with PortalGuard? Click here to learn why you should register TODAY!

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