Password Management - Account Unlock Steps

Our password management system provides a self-service avenue for students, faculty, and staff to unlock or reset their NCCU accounts.

NOTE: Before you can use the SSPR tool, you must set up verification methods (register). If you have not set up methods and are having login issues contact the Eagle Technical Assistance Center (ITS helpdesk) at 919-530-7676.

Identify who you are.

1. If you have locked your account visit

2. Next, enter your full NCCU email address. Then enter the characters in the picture or select the audio and listen to words to enter. Click Next.


Identify your sign in issue.

3. For a locked account, select I know my password, but still can't sign in. Click Next.


Verify who you are.

4. Select a method to use for verification. Follow through with the specific verification requirements.

NOTE: In the example below a phone was registered for SSPR. If you have not set up verification methods for your account please contact the Eagle Technical Assistance Center (ITS helpdesk) at 919-530-7676.


Confirm your account

5. Once your method is successfully verified, you will receive confirmation that your account has been unlocked.

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