Registering Devices

Registering Devices 

Computers, smartphones and tablets may be connected to the campus Wi-Fi for a mobile internet connection (Eagles Wi-Fi).  Currently, the network does not allow other devices (i.e. Smart TVs, Gaming Systems).  Additionally, faculty, staff, and students may register up to 6 devices (wired and wireless). 

Students who choose to bring devices that are not supported on wireless may use a wired connection by connecting the device via an Ethernet cable to the port in their room.  Once the devices is connected to the port, the following steps may be taken to register the device.  

  1. Connect the device to the network (SSID: Eagles).
  2. Go to this URL:
    Note: This must be completed while using a laptop or mobile device already connected to NCCU's internet.
  3. Sign in with your NCCU AD (MyEOL) credentials.
  4. Click “Register Another Host”
  5. Complete the form by entering the MAC Address for the device.  Directions on how to find the MAC address on certain devices may be found by clicking this link:
  6. Submit the registration form.
  7. Test the connection of the device.

If you have any additional questions or you receive any errors when following this process, please contact the help desk at 919-530-7676.  Please be able to provide the specific error message that you receive for troubleshooting purposes.

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