Employee Self-Service (SSB 9)

Employee Self-Service (SSB 9) is a dashboard where you can submit leave time and complete and submit your timesheets. In addition, through Employee Self-Service (SSB 9), leave can be approved or denied by those with access rights.

  1. Log in to myEOL using your username and password.

  2. Under "Administrative & Academic Services," click on the "Banner SSB 9" button and select "Employee Self-Service" from the drop-down menu.

  3. After logging in, you will see your dashboard page.

Your view after logging in will appear as follows:

  1. To view your employee profile information or personal information, click the "My Profile" button on the top left side of your dashboard.

  2. To view more detailed information, click the "Full Leave Balance Information" link in the lower right corner of the screen.

To Submit Your Leave Report:

  1. On the main Employee Self-Service (SSB 9) dashboard, click the button for "Enter Leave Report."

  1. To see additional information, click on the range of dates on the dashboard.

  1. After completing, select "Submit" to submit your leave report.

  1. Remember to sign out once you are finished working on the Employee Self-Service (SSB 9) dashboard.

Approval/Denials of Submitted Timesheets (Dependent upon Access Rights):

There are two ways to access the Approval section of the dashboard.

From the main dashboard:

  1. After logging into the main Employee Self-Service (SSB 9) dashboard, you will see a "My Activities" box.

  1. Click on either "Approve Time" or "Approve Leave Report" to approve/deny timesheets submitted by staff.

From the Enter Leave Report Section:

  1. Complete Steps 1-4, as outlined above.

  2. On the main Employee Self-Service (SSB 9) dashboard, click the button "Enter Leave Report."

  3. Click the "Approvals" tab on the top right-hand side of the dashboard.

  1. Once the "Approve Time" button is clicked, you will see the employee’s submitted sheet.

  1. You may select to return, approve or return for correction. You also may select to see additional information through the "Details" button. Once approved, the report cannot be returned or recalled.

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