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Microsoft Office information
This article assists with removing devices from NCCU's network.
Blackboard Access
blackboard access
EagleApps allows you to view applications as if you were in a computing lab environment on campus.
ITS student employment positions
The link to download Microsoft Office after your purchase through the Microsoft Distribution Program.
These are steps to find an email that may be in quarantine.
The Self Care Portal can be used to manage your telephone settings, including changing and updating settings without contacting the helpdesk. You’ll be able to customize the following features:
 Manage your client/portal password and phone pin
 Setup and Assign Speed Dial Numbers
 Establish a contact page for your Personal Directory
 Setup Call Forwarding
 Change ring settings and voicemail notifications
Faculty, staff and vendors can request VPN privileges to access internal campus resources remotely.  Examples of this include Banner INB and RDP connections to individual desktops and/or departmental servers.  VPN access requires supervisory approval. Due to current capacity limitations, please only connect to the VPN when using a service that requires VPN and be sure to disconnect from the VPN when you are no longer using that service.
WebEx Access
Microsoft Office 2016 Getting Started Resources
EagleApps is NCCU’s application virtualization solution.
Office 365 message encryption steps to share protected emails with anybody inside or outside of North Carolina Central University.
COVID-19 Internet Resources
ITS Student Employment Process
Steps for configuring Office 365 email on your mobile device
When to save on the One Drive, EaglePoint or Shared Departmental Drives