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ITS defines a project as a temporary endeavor with a start and finish, undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.  NCCU ITS projects require technology resources and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Project cost >$5,000
  2. Resource time exceeds 40 hours
  3. Project FTEs required from two or more divisions and/or colleges;
  4. Discretion of the CIO

An ITS liaison will contact you within one week of requesting a project.  This individual will act as point of contact between your department and the ITS project governance committee for their review and prioritization.

When should a project request be entered?

Departments are encouraged to submit a project request when assistance is needed from the IT department to implement or upgrade technology.  Project requests are not necessary for general consulting engagements or addressing individual computing issues that are typically handled through the IT Help Desk.

If you are unsure if your request is a project or a simple service request, feel free to contact the Help Desk at 919.530.7676. 


  • Prior to requesting a project, you must gain authorization from your manager.
  • You may save this project request via the "Save" button and revisit it for edits and changes prior to submission.
  • You must mark each section complete before you can "Review and Submit" the project request.
  • Project is submitted by the “Submit” button on the Review and Submit page.

In addition to providing day to day operation and support of IT services, the ITS staff are also engaged in a number of projects to support the University and various business units.

Project requests may be submitted by NCCU Faculty and Staff.  Each request is reviewed by the appropriate level of management and scheduled based on resource availability and priority. Once a project has been scheduled, a project manager is assigned from within ITS. This project manager is responsible for coordinating, communicating, and reporting project status with the project sponsor.

When submitting the request form, you will need to provide the following required information:

  • Project Name
  • Functional Lead Name
  • Executive Sponsor Name
  • The Department requesting the project
  • Project Priority
  • Management Authorization Name
  • Requested Start and End dates
  • Problem Description
  • Project Requirements/Needs
  • Impact/Risk of Inaction
  • Proposed Solution

You may also identify any supporting University goals and stakeholders related to the project during the request process.  This is not required but is a useful tool for the Project Manager for communication.

Please Note:  The requested start and end dates listed in the project request may or may not be the actual dates used in the project.  We will determine the project schedule once it has been prioritized and resources have been allocated.


Request Project

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