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Accounts & Access

Single Sign-on, Shibboleth, LDAP, NCCU Username and Password, Student email, Employee email

Services (10)

AD Account Request

This is a link to the new Active Directory account request form. Please have a faculty/staff member fill out this form to request an account to access NCCU Computers & Services.

Appworx Management

Job Creation, Account Creation/Modify/Delete or Schedule Change.

Banner Account Creation Request

Request a new Banner INB Account.

Banner Account Management

Banner Password Reset; Unlock Account; Account Deletion.

Banner INB Access

Banner INB connection issue

Banner SSB Pin Reset

Banner SSB pin reset when expired or locked

BDM Request

BDM Request Form

Email Service

Email, Shared Mailboxes

Password Reset

Self service password reset

Webfocus Account Management

Webfocus Account Creation, Modification and Deletion