Where Do I Go For In-Person Computer and Technology Assistance?


Eagle Technical Center (ETC)


The Eagle Technical Center (ETC) is located on the first floor of the James E. Shepard Memorial Library and serves as our in person center for computer repair services of personally owned devices for NCCU students, faculty and staff. NCCU faculty, staff and students, if you are experiencing issues with your personal technology device or NCCU resources, stop by ETC for assistance. Consultations and workshops are provided at no charge all other services will have a small fee.  Below are our some of our services:

  • Gaming Support
  • Hard Drive Reformats/Operating System Reinstallations (students must provide a genuine copy of their Operating System)
  • Hardware/Software Consultations
  • iPhone Screen Repairs
  • ITS MakerSpace Support
    • T-Shirt Creation
    • Vinyl Cutting
    • Heat Press Services
    • 3D Printing
    • Large Format Printing
    • Mac Computers
    • Laminating
  • Laptop Rental Program
  • Laptop Loan
  • Library Collaboration Room Scheduling
  • Network Connectivity/Log-In Support Assistance
  • Personal Computer Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Personal Computer Check-Ups
  • Student Employment
  • Virus/Spyware Removal

You can contact the ETC at 919.530.5038 or come visit us in Shepard Library on the first floor.

ETC can also assist you with services in our ITS MakerSpace that is also located in the Shepard Library.  Click here to learn more about our MakerSpace.



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