What is the ITS Makerspace?

The ITS Makerspace is located in the James E. Shepard Memorial Library on the 1st floor.  This space is available due to a collaboration between the NCCU FabLab, SLIS and ITS.  The purpose of this collaborative workspace is to drive innovation, creativity and foster entrepreneurship in the NCCU community. This spaces houses:

  • 3 - 3D printers
  • 1 - vinyl cutter
  • 1 - heat press
  • 1 - laminating machine
  • 1- large format printer
  • 7 - Mac Computers
  • 1 - Dell Computer

The Makerspace Hours are:
M-Thursday: 9 am - 8pm
Friday: 9 am - 3pm
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday:  Appt Only
NOTE:  This space is closed on all University holidays and between academic semesters.

MakerSpace Guidelines

The MakerSpace serves multiple purposes at North Carolina Central University:

  1. To provide a variety of digital manufacturing technologies for student, faculty and staff.
  2. To be a hub for exploration into the possibilities of digital manufacturing technologies in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.
  3. To provide an instructional environment for the NCCU community to learn about 3D printing, etc.

To ensure the MakerSpace is able to safely and efficiently meet the demands of all purposes, we present the following guidelines. When in doubt about any guidelines, please consult the ITS Staff for clarification.

Room Reservations

The MakerSpace can be reserved by:

  • Contacting Eagle Technical Center at 919-530-5038
  • Stopping by in person to the the Eagle Technical Center (ETC) or library information desk.

This space is available on a first come, first serve basis. Users without reservations must vacate when requested by a group with proof of valid reservation (such as email or text message confirmation). Groups always take priority over single users.

This space is to be used for legitimate academic and innovative purposes that support the instruction, research, and study needs of the University community.

Reservation Requirements

  • An NCCU username and password are required for making reservations in the online system.
  • Reservations are for a maximum of two (2) hours per user. (unless prior approval has been issued by management).
  • Reservations can be made in advance.
  • When not reserved, the room is available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Users without a reservation must vacate the room when requested by a group of NCCU faculty, staff or students, with a valid reservation.

General Guidelines

Problems with space or equipment should be reported to the ITS staff member on duty or ITS Information Desk.

Users are responsible for their personal property at all times, and should never leave items unattended. The ITS/Shepard Library staff is not liable for loss or damage to personal property.

When utilizing the room users must maintain a moderate noise level - rooms are not soundproof, and loud talking disturbs other users outside the room. Media volume should be kept low.

Food and drink are not acceptable in this space, unless approved by staff leadership. Users of this space must clean up after themselves and leave the room in good condition for the next users, including returning furniture to the places it was found in, erasing the whiteboard etc.

Users must comply with official University policies, including but not limited to the Student Code of Conduct. Failure to follow these policies or other applicable policies may result in a temporary or permanent suspension of access to the MakerSpace.

3D/Plotter Printing Guidelines

3D/plotter printers may be used only for lawful purposes. Users are not permitted to use the printers to create material that is:

  • Unsafe, harmful, dangerous or poses an immediate threat to the well-being of others. This includes weapons or life-like replicas, parts of weapons, ammunition, and weapons of an offensive and/or defensive manner. If you aren’t sure what constitutes a weapon, please consult a staff member;
  • Obscene items or otherwise inappropriate for the academic environment;
  • In violation of another’s intellectual property rights, that is subject to copyright, patent or trademark protection; and/or
  • Prohibited by local, state or federal law.

Items printed from the MakerSpace 3D and/or large format plotter printer and not picked up within 15 days after being printed becomes the property of the MakerSpace staff.

Failure to abide by the guidelines will result in loss of the privilege to reserve and use the 3D/plotter printers.

Items must be picked up by the individual who printed them, using pictured identification.

MakerSpace Safety

The MakerSpace strives to provide safe access to its equipment to the entirety of the NCCU community. As a variety of work takes place throughout the MakerSpace on a daily basis there a handful of basic safety rules that need to be followed AT ALL TIMES:

  • Only use equipment that you have been approved to use by the MakerSpace Staff.
  • Safety glasses and hearing protection are to be worn whenever operating any MakerSpace equipment or in proximity of active equipment.
  • Appropriate clothing should be worn whenever working in the MakerSpace. Loose clothing that can get caught on equipment should be avoided at all times.
  • It is the users’ responsibility to clean up. All scrap materials must be taken to the dumpster outside of the James E. Shepard Library and all debris/dust must be swept and properly discarded. Additional cleaning may be necessary depending on the circumstances.

MakerSpace Etiquette

  • Students should conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, including all interaction in MakerSpace.
  • Students are required to dispose of any and all waste or debris.
  • Students are required to put away tools in their proper location when finished working.
  • Any hardware and consumables stored in the MakerSpace are for use by TechnoClassroom staff.
  • Hand tools, power tools, and equipment are not to be removed from the MakerSpace under any circumstances.

Printer Descriptions & Pricing

Pricing for this space is not for profit, but to support operational costs to ensure the continued ability to purchase materials and maintenance to the machinery.

3D Printers

Prints 3D models from a digital file using PLA or ABS plastic filament and is available to students through MakerSpace staff.

The 3D printers are managed by trained MakerSpace staff on a set schedule that varies by semester. Student are required to prepare their 3D models and then submit them for printing by MakerSpace staff.

Large Format Plotter Printer

Prints maps, photos, and presentations at resolutions up to 2400 dpi.  Available to students through MakerSpace staff.

The large format plotter printer is managed by trained MakerSpace staff on a set schedule that varies by semester. Student are required to prepare their items for print and then submit them for printing by MakerSpace staff.


$1 per foot

Vinyl Cutter

The vinyl cutter is a large scale cutter that can accommodate a variety of projects.  It has a maximum width of 24 inches, but can cut banners that span at any length. 

Vinyl projects are sold by the linear inch - $1.35/in.

MakerSpace Availability Hours

The MakerSpace operates on a schedule that can vary from semester to semester. Please consult the MakerSpace staff for the current lab schedules.


Charges for the items printed in the MakerSpace vary by item. 

Large Format Plotter Printer

Coated Paper:

  • (University Rate): $2.00/sq. ft.
  • (Non-University Rate): $3.00/sq. ft.

Transparent Clear Paper:

  • (University Rate): $3.00/sq. ft.
  • (Non- University Rate): $4.00 per sq. ft.

3D Printer:

  • (University Rate): $7 base charge <36 hours; $10 base charge >36 hours
  • (Non-University Rate): $9 base charge <36 hours; $12 base charge >36 hours
  • Time (per 30-minute window) (University Rate): $3.50
  • Time (per 30-minute window) (Non-University Rate): $4.50
  • Filament Charge (University Rate) $0.10 per foot of filament
  • Filament Charge (Non-University Rate) $0.12 per foot of filament

Total cost calculated as: Base Charge x Time x Filament Charge

Once a project is completed, the MakerSpace staff will complete your payment process at the ETC Counter.  We accept payment via credit card(VISA and Mastercard ONLY) through our ETC Counter register only.

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