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Accounts & Access

Authentication and access to NCCU academic administrative systems.

Banner & NCCU Applications

Systems and resources that support NCCU business and administrative functions.

Classrooms & Learning Spaces

Collaboration Rooms, Computer Classrooms, Technology Enhanced Classrooms, Labs

Collaboration, Servers & Storage

Collaborations tools, server, and file storage services.

Getting Started with NCCU Technology

ITS resources that will assist with getting started with your NCCU technology resources.

Hardware & Software

Support for office hardware/software and/or quotes.

Information Security

Services related to server and application security, identity theft, data breaches, and copyright.

Media & Event Support

Audiovisual, video conferencing/streaming and recording as well as cable TV support services.

Network & Wireless Services

Connect to the NCCU network through a wireless and/or wireless connection and/or request access to NCCU connections.

Phones, Telecommunications and Conferences

Services for telephones, ports and/or wiring services.


ITS supported printing services.

Professional Services

Project Management and Student Employment services

Remote Technology Resources

Connect to your NCCU technology resources form alternate locations.

Room Reservations

Applications to reserve rooms on the NCCU campus.

Training & Workshops

In person and online training support services.

Web Services

Services for the NCCU website, myEOL, web training and/or consultations and web graphics requests.

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