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Accounts & Access

Authentication and access to NCCU academic administrative systems.

Banner & NCCU Applications

Systems and resources that support NCCU business and administrative functions.

Classrooms & Learning Spaces

Collaboration Rooms, Computer Classrooms, Technology Enhanced Classrooms, Labs

Collaboration, Servers & Storage

Collaborations tools, server, and file storage services.

Hardware & Software

Support for office hardware/software and/or quotes.

Information Security

Services related to server and application security, identity theft, data breaches, and copyright.

Media & Event Support

Audiovisual, video conferencing/streaming and recording as well as cable TV support services.

Network & Wireless Services

Connect to the NCCU network through a wireless and/or wireless connection and/or request access to NCCU connections.

Phones, Telecommunications and Conferences

Services for telephones, ports and/or wiring services.


ITS supported printing services.

Professional Services

Project Management and Student Employment services

Room Reservations

Applications to reserve rooms on the NCCU campus.

Training & Workshops

In person and online training support services.

Web Services

Services for the NCCU website, myEOL, web training and/or consultations and web graphics requests.

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