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Accounts & Access

Authentication and access to NCCU academic administrative systems.

Banner & NCCU Applications

Systems and resources that support NCCU business and administrative functions.

Classrooms & Learning Spaces

Get help with services for collaboration rooms, computer classrooms, labs, and Technology Enhanced Classrooms.

Collaboration, Servers & Storage

Collaboration tools, server, and file storage services.

Hardware & Software

Support for office hardware/software and/or quotes.

Information Security

Services related to server and application security, identity theft, data breaches, and copyright.

Media & Event Support

Audiovisual, video conferencing/streaming and recording services as well as cable tv support services for academic and administrative buildings.

Network & Wireless Services

Connect to the NCCU network through a wireless and/or wireless connection and/or request access to NCCU connections.

Phones, Telecommunications and Conferencing

Services for telephones, ports and/or wiring services.


ITS supported printing services.

ITS Projects

Project Management Services.

Room Reservations

Applications to reserve rooms on the NCCU campus.

Training & Workshops

In person and online training support services.

Web Services

Services for the NCCU website, myEOL, web training and/or consultations and web graphics requests.

Communications and Marketing

The Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM) has the mission of broadening the university’s reach, promoting its values and enhancing its brand identity through editorial content, web content, marketing, photography, graphic design, video, social media and other avenues. The office publicizes the university’s many academic and extracurricular programs, as well as student and faculty achievements. Media relations specialists on staff are trained to respond to news media inquiries and handle external communications. Campus-wide internal communications services are also provided.

Research Evaluation & Planning

The Office of Research, Evaluation and Planning (REP) operates primarily as the central unit for the collection, processing, analysis, interpretation, reporting and maintenance of official (historical) university data.

University Police

Building access request for faculty, staff, and students.

Services (3)

General Support

Please fill out the request form with detailed description of your technical issue.

Request For Change (RFC)

Change request requiring CMT review.

TeamDynamix Change request

Requested changes to TeamDynamix

Getting Started

Remote Technology Resources

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