How do I Schedule A WebEx Event?

Schedule an Event

1. Sign in to myEOL to access your WebEx or and select WebEx Events.

2. On the left navigation bar, go to Host an Event.

3. Click Schedule an Event, then begin entering the event information, such as the registration requirements, date, audio settings, and attendees.
Note: To help keep the event running smoothly, invite panelists to serve as subject matter experts, answer questions, and manage polls.
Start an Event
1. At the scheduled event time, sign in to and Click on WebEx Events
2. Next, Click on My Meetings (see image below)
3. Locate your event, and select Start.
Join an Event
When you are invited to a WebEx event, you received an email with instructions.
1. Click the link to join the event.
2. Under Join Event Now, enter your name and email address, and
3. Click Join Now.
1. You might be asked to enter an event password. You can find this in your email invitation.
2. The WebEx Events user interface is simple. Most of the event options are in the center and participants and other panels are on the right.

Connect to Audio
1. To connect to the audio during a Webex event, you can use your phone or your computer.
2. Select Audio connection , and choose an audio connection.
Start Your Video
The event host and panelist can always share their video during an event. Up to five panelist can share their video during an event.
1. When you join an event, your video is off by default. If you'd like others to see you, select Start my video to start your webcam.
2. The button turns blue when your video is on.
  • Change your mind and don't want to be on video? Select Stop my video to stop your video for the event. The button turns gray when your video is off.
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