Etiquette to Keep in Mind During Teleconferences

Teleconferencing Guidelines

Teleconference Do's and Don'ts. This goes for video and audio conferences both:

  1. Mute your microphone unless you are actively talking
  2. Mute or disable video if not absolutely needed (bandwidth reduction)
  3. Assume you are always on camera and that you are always audible (even if you think you're muted or video-disabled)
  4. Avoid side-conversations if you are physically next to someone. Cross-talk is especially annoying and distracting to remote participants
  5. Be careful not to talk over others. Politely wait your turn and if you are talking for more than a minute at a stretch, pause to let others ask questions or seek clarification
  6. Avoid tapping pencils, moving papers around, rattling ice, setting coffee cups down on table-tops, tapping on keyboards, and other seemingly innocuous sounds. They are unbelievably loud and annoying to others on the call.
  7. If conducting a video teleconference, warn your family members not to wander through; some home-attire may not be suitable for work.
  8. Make notes on what you want to say before the conference starts. Take notes on "action items" during the conference whenever you are asked to work on something. Don't ramble on; be succinct and short. If it is a question that can be worked "offline" then do that.
  9. Don't stand in front of a window. Bright light from outside could make it difficult for other participants to see you.
  10. Wear appropriate clothing. It can be tempting to wear a work shirt and athletic shorts but dress as if you're meeting face to face. You never know if you're going to have to get up suddenly or if your camera might fall. So wear clean, professional clothing for your video calls.
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