Identify Assignment File Format

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  1. Tap the linked document within the course lesson.
  2. Identify the file format by locating the icon in blue in the upper left corner of the document.
    • Microsoft Word documents will display the letter “W” and will include “.docx” next to the file name. This file cannot be modified using a Chromebook therefore must be converted to a Google doc. Once all edits are made, the file must be converted back to MS Word format.

    • Google Docs will display 4 lines, the last being slightly shorter in length. Google documents can be edited, however must be converted to MS Word format before submitting.
    • Documents can be easily identified within My Drive.
      1. First, select the Launcher icon on the desktop.
      2. Then tap the Files icon.
      3. Tap Downloads under the “My Files” area.

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