Share Your Whiteboard in a WebEx Meeting

1.Click Share content and then select New Whiteboard.

2. To add another page, click Edit > Add Page.

3. To change which page you're viewing you can:

  • Select the page you want to view by clicking on the page thumbnail.
  • Select a page thumbnail then use the up and down arrows on your keyboard.
  • Click the arrows above and below the current page number from the small toolbar on the left.
  • Click the page number in the small toolbar on the left and enter the page you want.

To stop sharing, click the dropdown arrow next to the whiteboard name, then click the close button. If you're sharing multiple whiteboards, you must do this for each of them.

Share a Document to the Whiteboard in WebEx Meetings

1. Click File > Open and Share.

2. Navigate to the location of your file.

3. Select the file and click Open.

Annotation Tools

Use the annotation tools to annotate and markup your shared content.

  • Annotation toggle—Turn annotations on or off for participants.
  • Pointers—use to point out specific areas on your whiteboard.
  • Text tool—add text to your content.
  • Line tool—add a line, arrow, or double arrow.
  • Shape tool—add a square, oval, X mark or checkmark.
  • Pen or Pencil—use to draw on the whiteboard.
  • Annotation color—select a color for your annotations.
  • Eraser—choose to erase all annotations and pointers or only yours.
  • Save—Save the whiteboard documents with annotations as a .pdf or .ucf file


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