Opening and Saving Your EagleApps Files on Your Chromebook

1. Go to the Google Play store on your Chromebook.

2. Type in "VMware" in the search box.

3. Install the VMware Horizon Client.

4. Open the application either from the Google Play Store or from your applications page.

5.  Once opened, a prompt asking you to Allow “Horizon” to get the list of your attached USB devices will appear.  Select OK.  This option will allow the program you want to save your data to the computer itself and later you can move those files to your USB or save the data on your preferred cloud storage.

6.  Allow other permissions for VMware to allow you to save your data (should be 2 additional “allow” options to pop-up).

7. For the server name on the next prompt, type in "" and select connect (you can skip the option that says server description).

8. Once you connect to the ( server, enter in your username and password for myEOL.  Keep the DefaultDomian option as is.

9. Once you're logged in, please select the application that you want to use.  (For this example we will use SPSS.)

10. You may start a new data set or open an existing one that you already have.  If you have an existing file on a USB, connect that USB to your Chromebook.

Note: It’s suggested to copy your files from your USB to the downloads folder for the Chromebook by using the FILES application to transfer files.

11. Once you have the file in the download folder, go back to SPSS and select open.  You should see a drop down list called “Look in:”.  Click the drop down arrow and find the Google drive folder (i.e. Google octopus [Z:]).  This is where the download folder is located where you transferred your files to from the previous step.

12. The file will be in the downloads folder on the Chromebook and you can save it to your USB or save it to your cloud storage device or e-mail the file to yourself. 

13. Exit application once finished and now your file is saved.

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