Single Sign On FAQ

What are authentication services? 

Authentication is the process of validating a person’s logon information. Usually, this is a user name and password. 

ITS provides Shibboleth and Active Directory (LDAP) for authentication services. Shibboleth is the preferred method of authentication unless the application does not speak SAML. Shibboleth is typically used by web applications and provides single sign-on. LDAP is provided as fallback, provided the calling application supports secure LDAP (TLSv1 or SSLv3). 


How do I request access to use an authentication service? 

Submit an ITS ticket at with the following information: 

  • Department at NCCU that is the owner of the application: 
  • Name and version number of your application: 
  • Email address or phone number of technical support: 
  • What is the network IPv4 range that your application uses? 
  • What is the login URL of the application? 
  • What authentication service do you want to use (Shibboleth or LDAP)? If you want to use Shibboleth, please answer these additional questions
  • What is the URL of the application’s metadata? 
  • What attributes will your application need access to? 

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