General Troubleshooting Information

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PC won’t start?

  • Make sure power supply is properly connected.
  • Make sure power button to CPU is green (turned on).
  • Activated Podium Power if the CPU is on and not displaying to the Monitor.

No Audio?

  • Make Sure the Podium has been activated and that the source that you want played has been chosen.
  • Be sure that the source and the touch panel are both UNMUTED and the volume in up.
  • Check via the speaker icon (in the right bottom corner of the screen, beside the time and date), to make sure the audio is being directed to the desired audio driver.

No Video (Podium)?

  • Make sure you have power to the monitor.
  • Check to make sure the power button has been pressed.
  • Check the Touch Panel and make sure that the source is selected properly. 
  • Make sure cabling is secure.

No Video (Projector)

  • Be sure to Activate System via touch panel.
  • On the touch panel make sure the on/off button has been pressed to activate the projector.
  • If the projector is not on when you select the function, see if a remote is there and turn the projector on manually.
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