Student Printing Locations

Student Printing Locations

Student users have access to various printers across campus.  The locations include: 

  • Shepard Library(1st and 2nd Floor)
  • Farrison-Newton, 1st Floor lobby
  • School of Business, Room G-32
  • Criminal Justice, 1st Floor Breakroom
  • School of Education, 1st Floor Student Breakroom
  • Mary Townes, 1st Floor across from Jazzman’s Café
  • School of Nursing, 1st Floor
  • Fine Arts, 3rd Floor
  • School of Business, Room 130
  • Annie Day Residence Hall, Room 141
  • Chidley North Residence Hall, 2nd Floor Lab
  • Eagle Landing Residence Hall, 3rd Floor Lab
  • Eagle Landing Residence Hall, 5th Floor Lab
  • Eagleson Residence Hall, 1st Floor Lab
  • Mclean Residence Hall, Room 114
  • New Residence II Residence Hall, 1st Floor Lab
  • Richmond Residence Hall, 1st Floor Lab
  • Ruffin Residence Hall, Room 136
  • Rush Residence Hall, Basement Lab
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