Adobe Reader vs. Adobe Pro DC - Which product do you need?

Do you need to view, sign, or collaborate on PDF files or do you need a more advanced solution?  Many users think they need a more robust product than they truly do.  Acrobat Reader is a free solution that takes care of the needs of most users, without the cost of purchasing Adobe Pro DC. 

Adobe Reader is perfect for viewing and reading PDF files.  It is also a great product for form completion, commenting on documents, converting PDFs to Word or Excel, signing and certifying forms, etc., not to mention it is free!

Adobe Pro DC does everything that Adobe Reader does, with added functionalities, like the ability to create and edit texts and images in PDF documents as well as the ability to scan paper documents, just to name a few.  The only drawback to Adobe Pro DC is that is comes at a cost.

See below for the full list comparison of both products.



If you need to further explore the differences between these products, please feel free to reach out to ETAC at (919) 530-7676 to discuss your options, as we can assist in helping you to make the right decision. 

Students: will need to utilize Adobe Reader, but may have access to Adobe Pro DC through the classes they are enrolled in.
To download Adobe Reader free, please click here.

Faculty and Staff: will need to utilize Adobe Reader, or they will need to obtain a license for Adobe Pro DC through their department admin or by completing the software quote request found here.


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