Re-Activate Duo Mobile: Same Phone Number, New Device

There may be times when you have upgraded phones or need to uninstall and reinstall the Duo Mobile app. When this occurs you can reactivate the Duo Mobile app on your own using the Self Service portal. The following steps will guide you in that process. For further assistance please contact ETAC at 919-530-7676.

1. Ensure you have downloaded the Duo Mobile application onto your phone.

2. Next visit and log in.

3. At the Duo authentication prompt, click on "I got a new phone"Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

4. Next click "Text me a link"


Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
5. From your phone open the text message and tap on the link received to reactivate the Duo Mobile app.
6. From your phone click Next. Save the name as North Carolina Central University
7. From your phone select Skip the practice for now.

8. Close any window to retry your login at This time the Duo Mobile app will function as it should.


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