Requesting Room Reservations through FACES

FACES is the database that is the central repository for NCCU’s facility data that is used to schedule campus facilities for all special events for registered student organizations, faculty and administrative staff.  Through FACES, you submit a facility request, view and update calendars from anywhere you have Internet access. Facilities Services will utilize FACES to schedule facilities for all events on NCCU’s campus.

How Does FACES Work?

FACES works by pulling information from your R25 database formats it for the web and allows users via the Internet to:

  • Track or search availability of facilities, services and resources
  • Request or schedule a facility or multiple facilities  for an event on single or multiple dates
  • Specify equipment, catering, services, etc. needed for each date
  • Assign/restrict event viewing, scheduling and editing rights to specific groups
  • Publish events to campus online calendars created and administered via 25Live Publisher
  • Perform custom searches for events, space locations or resources
  • Print and email confirmation reports

FACES Campus Users

FACES have two kinds of users.

  • FACES Schedulers: these individuals have logins on FACES and are responsible for scheduling facility request for all events.
  • FACES Users: registered student organizations, faculty, and administrative staff employees that submit online request for NCCU’s facilities. You must have a valid myEOL username and password to submit an online facility request. However, anyone with access to NCCU’s website can search availability of facilities or view the online FACES calendar.
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