Joining A WebEx Meeting

Joining a Meeting

When a meeting is scheduled in WebEx, you as an attendee have several options on how to join the meeting:

  • An email, or a calendar meeting invite
  • From your Meeting Site
  • Jabber
  • Using your productivity tool

Joining from Email or Calendar Invitation

After a host has scheduled a meeting they have the option of sending out an email or even creating a calendar invite. You can join the meeting from the email message or the calendar invite.

To Join a Meeting from an email or calendar invite:

1. Open your email, or calendar invite and click the Join WebEx Meeting hyperlink. A new window will open taking you to the Meeting Information page on your WebEx site. 

2. If the meeting has started, a green icon will appear next to It’s time to join a meeting. If it has not started, there will be a red icon next to Not Started.

3. You will be prompted to enter your name, email, and Meeting password. (Note: Not all meetings require a meeting password.)

4. Click green Start, or Join and you will be connected to the meeting.

Joining from a WebEx Meeting Site

You can join a meeting in two ways from your Meeting Site. You can attend the meeting by entering the meeting number to join, or you can find the meeting in you My Meetings calendar and click to join the meeting from there.

(Note: Dependent on how the host schedules a meeting, a meeting may not be listed in your My Meetings list. You may have to refer back to the invite and join the meeting by entering the meeting number on your Meeting Site.)

To Join a meeting using My Meetings list:

  1. Open a browser and navigate to your Meeting site, located at
  2. Select Host a Meeting from the left-hand column. Then, select My Meetings.

   3. Select your meetings from the calendar, if you do not see the meeting, select the drop down menu and choose the meetings.

   4. Click the green Start, or Join.

To Join a Meeting using the Meeting Number:

From the meeting invitation email, or calendar email you will need the meeting number, and the meeting password if provided.

  1. Navigate to your WebEx Meeting site at:

        2. On the Home page, enter the meeting number and click the green Join button.


Joining from Cisco Jabber

If your organization has Jabber and WebEx Integration, you can join a meeting using the Meetings Tab in the Jabber client.

To Join using Cisco Jabber:

  1. Open your Jabber client and select the Meetings tab.
  2. When it is time to join a meeting, a green Start, or Join button will appear next to the meeting. Click Start or Join.​​​​​​

Using Audio and Video

After joining your meeting you can use the audio options button to use your phone, call in using the call in number, or call using your computer. To turn on your video, simply click the Video Camera button next to your name in the participant's list. When the video is turned on the camera icon will turn green.

Note: Dependent on how your WebEx Site is configured, you may or may not have the ability to use your personal device, or use the call in number for audio.

Joining Using Your Productivity Tool

Navigate to your Productivity Tool icon on your computer. Enter your meeting number and click the join button.

To Learn more about how to join or host collaborative meetings using WebEx Meeting Center, visit:


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