VPN Access (If you need to access Banner 9)

To request virtual private networking (VPN) privileges to access internal campus resources remotely, complete the forms at the links below. 

Note: Due to current capacity limitations, please only connect to the VPN when using a service that requires VPN and be sure to disconnect from the VPN when you are no longer using that service.  Please note that most NCCU and cloud resources, such as Blackboard, Banner SSB, Office 365, and don't require the use of VPN.

Employee VPN Access Form

Vendor VPN Access Form 

Once your access is granted, you can use the information in the video below for connection.

Steps for Mapping Drives on Your Home Computer Through VPN

For Macs

  1. Go to the Finder Menu
  2. Select Go
  3. Select Connect to Server

Below are the folder addresses:

M: drive — INPUT smb://fs-1.ad.nccu.edu/home/username
O: drive - INPUT smb://fs-2.ad.nccu.edu/COMMON
S: drive - INPUT smb://fs-4.ad.nccu.edu/COMMON

For Windows 

  1. Type "This PC" in your Windows serch bar
  2. Click on "Map a Network Drive"
  3. Select "Map a Network Drive" from the menu
  4. Select your drive (i.e. M, O, S)
  5. Type in the folder address.

M: drive — INPUT \\fs-1.ad.nccu.edu\home\username 
O: drive - INPUT \\fs-2.ad.nccu.edu\COMMON 
S: drive - INPUT \\fs-4.ad.nccu.edu\COMMON 

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