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The Banner system serves as the central administrative system for housing data at North Carolina Central University. Banner is administrative suite of applications that manage NCCU’s core functions like:

  • registration,
  • grades,
  • human resource information,
  • financial aid processing,
  • alumni information, and
  • financial information.

There are two types of Banner access, Self Service Banner (Banner SSB) and Banner 9.  The type of access needed varies depending on a user's responsibilities. Visit myEOL to access Banner. Click on the links below for more information about the types of Banner.

Self-Service Banner (Banner SSB) - click title for more information.


With Banner SSB faculty and staff can:

  • check class rosters,
  • enter grades,
  • view and manage advisees,
  • view personal information related to benefits & earnings and more.

Banner 9 - click title for more information.

Faculty and staff only have access to Banner 9.  Banner 9 is used to manage financial, student and human resource information.  

Access to Banner 9 is restricted and must be approved. To justify access, users must demonstrate a legitimate need for access to confidential department data. Training is required for access to be granted.

A VPN connection is required to access Banner 9 from off-campus.

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