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Pinned Article Getting Started with NCCU Technology - Students

Getting Started with NCCU Technology - Introduction Video for Students

Pinned Article Student Technology Tech Checklist

Use our Tech Checklist to make sure you’re up-to-speed on the following tech tips and requirements.

Do You Need A Computer and What Kind Do You Need?

Personal Computer basics at NCCU for students.

Does ITS Offer Free/Discounted Software?

NCCU software for personal devices

How Do I Create and Manage My NCCU Account Information?

student information to create your NCCU Username and Password

How Do I Register for the NCCU Emergency Management System (RAVE)?

NCCU Emergency Management System (RAVE) registration and update information.

How Do I Stay Connected with NCCU ITS Updates?

Information about how to stay connected.

What Are the Discounted Technology Resources?

Discounted technology from Dell and Apple through the University Laptop Program

What is Banner?

Banner Information