Do You Need A Computer and What Kind Do You Need?

Every student at NCCU will need a computer for their academic success.  Here are some details to assist you in the process.

What if I am purchasing a laptop or have one that I want to use?

If you are considering shopping for a new or used laptop, or want to be sure the computer you have will do the job, the specifications below will be sufficient in ensuring your computer meets the minimum computer requirements to ensure efficient usage of campus resources.  Below are the minimum requirements.

  1. Operating System: Windows 10 or Sierra
  2. Ram: 8 gigabytes of memory 
  3. Hard Drive: 240 gigabytes or more solid state drive (SSD) (128 gigabytes minimum)
  4. Processor:  Intel i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 or higher (any dual core CPU as a minimum) 
  5. 1 year warranty or better on a new laptop
  6. Internal or external Web cam/either port included if possible

If you need to purchase a computer, click here to visit the University Laptop Program to shop for discounted computers for NCCU students and employees.

What If I Do Not Have A Computer?

There are computers on campus for student use.  

Open Use Computing Labs

ITS maintains the Open Usage computers on campus for use by NCCU students. These computers are located in the James E. Shepard Library (PCs and Macs) on the first and second floor.

Laptop Loan

ITS and the James E. Shepard Library staff provide:

  • laptops that students can use freely throughout the library.,
  • Chromebooks that can be loaned for the semester, and
  • laptops that can be rented (for a small fee) to use for up to a semester.

Residential Hall Computing Labs

There are computer labs in each residential hall on campus.

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