Shared Mailbox FAQ

What is a shared mailbox?

A shared mailbox is a resource email that can be used for each department or group to share or collected needed information for the group. The mailbox is shared with everyone in a specific group, so the issues can be read and resolved by any member of the group. 

How do I request a shared mailbox for our group?

Create an ITS ticket with the link below and include the following information 


How do I obtain access to a previously created mailbox?

A ticket must be created by a manager or by a mailbox owner of that mailbox. 

What is the username and password to a shared mailbox? 

Shared mailboxes do not have separate usernames and passwords. Your user account is granted permission to the shared mailbox. 

How do I access the shared mailbox?

Once access has been granted to a shared mailbox, that mailbox will automatically appear in Outlook within 3 hours. 





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