What to Expect with a New Computer Setup

After ordering your new computer, this is what will happen before it is ready for usage.

Note: To order a new computer, visit EaglePurch in myEOL and make your selection in the Dell or Apple punch-out.

After your order is placed and shipped, it will be delivered to NCCU Central Receiving.  At that point, the purchase order owner will receive an email with a sender line like this:

Note: This notification means your equipment has been received, tagged, scanned and is ready to go to ITS for imaging and setup.  

  1. When you receive this email, you will need to enter a ticket in our ITS ticketing system to alert ITS that the computer is on the way for imaging.  Click on the link below to access the ticket:
  2. ITS will then contact Central Receiving to bring over your computer(s) for set up. 
  3. When your new computer is setup you can expect certain things to occur:  
    • The technician will have a checklist (see below) that he/she will follow to do your setup.  
    • If this is a new computer, not a computer replacement, it will be less complicated. Replacing a computer will have extra steps to capture any information that needs transferring from your old computer to your new computer.

New Computer Setup Checklist


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