DUO Device Management Portal – Add New Device

Adding a New Device

When adding a new device through the Device Management Portal, once the enrollment is completed, you return to the portal to view all your registered devices, including the new one. In contrast, during initial enrollment, you typically proceed to log into an application after setup.

1. When logging in to an application with the “Other Options” link on the authentication page, select “Manage devices”.

Duo device management portal

2. You will be prompted to verify your identity by completing the DUO Multifactor Authentication process. Select your preferred authentication method from the listed options to continue.

3. After approving a DUO authentication request you can see the Device Management Portal with all your registered devices. Select “Add a device”.



4. Choose the device you wish to add from the provided options and follow the prompts to finalize the setup procedure.

Please be aware that the security key option is compatible exclusively with NCCU registered keys. If you wish to obtain a key fob, kindly reach out to ETAC at extension x7676 or submit a ticket via TeamDynamix. Upon approval, a fee of $35.00 will be incurred, charged to your department accordingly.

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