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Services or Offerings?
Access to campus resources, remote desktop access, WebVPN, Banner Access (off campus)

Guest Wireless Access, Faculty and Staff Wireless, Mobile Access, Group Wireless, On-Boarding Wireless Portal

Request to have card access added for academic and administrative buildings/areas on campus.

Exception to access for Residential Life Only

Banner 9 connection issue

Use this request to report problems with card access doors/automatic lock issues that are associated with the access control (card access) system.

Static IP address (Internal access only), Remote Access to System, DHCP Request

Departmental Shared Mailbox – Email Account Access

Individual user mailbox, Email account access

Public Static IP Address, Server IP Address, External access to a resource, Web Server Configuration

Security practice of allowing e-mail addresses or domain names access or recognition.

This is a link to the new Active Directory account request form. Please have a faculty/staff member fill out this form to request an account to access NCCU Computers & Services.

Use this request to modify the unlock/lock schedule for a specific building or area that is connected with the access control system.  Please submit this request within 48 hours of required schedule change.  This may request an unlock for a specific date, or a recurring change.

Troubleshoot network connectivity issues.