Activation of Apple iPhone - Office 365 Mobile Configuration

Steps for your initial mobile phone setup

  1. Turn on phone – make sure it is charged _phone says HELLO
  2. From the setup screens: Click English – United States
  3. Near bottom - Check Cellular Network (system repeats) Re-enter above information
  4. Follow Screens
    Note: Do not check – setup Apple Accounts. We do not use Apple cloud- personal only
    Please remember the pass code for phone wipes and phone upgrades
  5. Accept phone agreement
  6. Click Start to program phone
  7. Test to make sure number rings to phone.
    Note: If there is no sound - Check to make sure ringer is on – Side top left.  If it is Red the ringer off.

Steps for setting up your email through the mail settings on your mobile device

  1. Go to the Email Icon Settings option on your phone.
  2. Select Exchange mail box.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Under Description – Remove exchange & enter NCCU or other name - Click Next
  5. Select Configure Manually
  6. Follow Instructions with information below. Make sure (AD) is entered with username.
  7. Should receive all check marks – all is ok.
  8. If not - Save and go back to Passcode and Accounts under settings- the name you enter. Most often it is the passcode. Re-enter passcode.
  9. Sometimes AD maybe locked due to may tries. Call Help desk at 7676 to unlock.

Note: On the SE2020 phone -  to access the keyboard – press continue at top right or go to Mailbox arrow at top left. Touch - In Box for messages then go back to type screen. Then type.

Setting Up Your Wireless Network Connection (on campus)

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select WI-FI
  3. Select Eagles
  4. The NCCU screen will pop up, Select permanent user
  5. Enter your user ID and your Password
  6. A scroll bar will appear and run, when this is finished the wireless setup is complete.

Setting Your Device Up for iCloud Backup

  1. Current phone – sign in to iCloud –  verify selected items to be sent is checked
  2. Sync contacts to email
  3. Log in to new phone – verify what you wish to download is checked. Download time varies depending on amount of data and speed of network.




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