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Services for telephones, ports and/or wiring services.

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Cisco Voice Services Self Care Portal User Guide

The Self Care Portal can be used to manage your telephone settings, including changing and updating settings without contacting the helpdesk. You’ll be able to customize the following features:
 Manage your client/portal password and phone pin
 Setup and Assign Speed Dial Numbers
 Establish a contact page for your Personal Directory
 Setup Call Forwarding
 Change ring settings and voicemail notifications

Telephones: Placing Calls on Campus

Instructions for placing local, long distance, and international calls via the campus communication (telephone) system.

Telephones: Setting Ringtones on Cisco Phones

This guide will assist in changing ringtones on NCCU office phones.

Transfer Contacts to a New Device

This is a link to the steps to transfer contacts from an old NCCU owned phone to a new one.

Voicemail: Changing Voicemail Setup

Instructions to modify the initial voicemail setup (change greetings, settings, etc.)

Voicemail: Setting Up an Alternate Voicemail Greeting

This guide will assist in creating an alternate (out of office, temporary) greeting within the voicemail system.

Voicemail: Setup & User Guide

Voicemail user guide for setup, and assistance with how to check messages (internal and external).