Banner 9 - Common Errors

Before You Can Access Banner 9 a Few Requirements Must be Met:

  • Banner 9 is only available to Faculty and Staff
  • If working remote Banner 9 requires a VPN connection
  • Users should be using the recommended browser Google Chrome

If all the prior requirements are met you may see the errors listed below.

Note - Please make sure you log out of Banner 9 when you are no longer using the application. Banner 9 will close the session after being inactive for security reasons

Most Common Errors

  1. Service Invocation Failed
    • How to fix
      • Sign Out of Banner 9 by clicking the arrow -> Close out the Browser Window -> Log back into Banner 9
  2. Your Session Has Expired
    • How to Fix
      • Click Reload. If the issue continues close the web browser and sign back into Banner 9

  1. Invalid Username/Password

If another error is occurring that is not listed above please call the Helpdesk at 919-530-7676

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