Problem/Support Request

Use this request to report problems with card access doors/automatic lock issues that are associated with the access control system.  This form should be used if access to a door that you previously had access to is not working.  All request for new access should be submitted using the building access request form.

Examples for use include:

  • A door, which should be unlocked at a certain time, has not unlocked.
  • A card reader is making a constant beeping noise with a solid white light.
  • After swiping a card at a door that you've previously been able to access, the door does not unlock. 

Physical issues with the doors should still be reported to Facilities by submitting a School Dude Ticket.  

Request Service


Service ID: 43291
Mon 4/27/20 2:16 PM
Mon 4/27/20 3:22 PM