University Police

Building access request for faculty, staff, and students.

Services (6)

Academic & Administrative Building Access Request

Request to have card access added for academic and administrative buildings/areas on campus.

Problem/Support Request

Use this request to report problems with card access doors/automatic lock issues that are associated with the access control (card access) system.

Request to View Security Video

Request to view recorded video footage from security cameras. Justification must be provided for the request and must be approved by the Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety.

Residential Life Access Request

Exception to access for Residential Life Only

Unlock Schedule Change

Use this request to modify the unlock/lock schedule for a specific building or area that is connected with the access control system.  Please submit this request within 48 hours of required schedule change.  This may request an unlock for a specific date, or a recurring change.

Panic Button Request

Panic buttons are designed for direct customer facing areas to have a silent alarm that connects with police dispatch.    Once pressed, NCCU Police receives information such as the user logged into the computer, office location, and phone number to respond to.  Campus departments may request panic buttons on an as needed basis by using this form.