My Recently Visited Services

Issues with computer, speakers, keyboard (i.e) hardware malfunction

Static IP address (Internal access only), Remote Access to System, DHCP Request

Request one-on-one or group training.

Student printing issues related to ITS supported printers

Complete this ticket to request a campus announcement.

Telecom can add, remove or change Cisco VoIP desktop phone features

Request a meeting with Web Services.

ITS provides assistance in support for the cable television infrastructure in academic and administrative buildings.

Issues/concerns related to Eagle's Purch

Provides technical support for audio/visual related services at University sponsored special events.

Troubleshoot network connectivity issues.

Request the installation of a new Banner release or patch for any Banner module or a General Administration Interface; request a clone or a backup copy of a Banner table

Guest Wireless Access, Faculty and Staff Wireless, Mobile Access, Group Wireless, On-Boarding Wireless Portal

Reporting NCCU fraudulent calls.

CATV/Ethernet/Wall plate that contains these ports.

Exception to access for Residential Life Only

ITS Graphic Design services offers compelling imagery for use within my EOL and web pages hosted inside the content management system.

Office Move is a change in physical location.

A teleconference classroom and meeting room with video & conferencing capabilities.

Request new or upgrade NCCU administered mobile phone.

Please fill out the request form with detailed description of your technical issue.

Request to view recorded video footage from security cameras. Justification must be provided for the request and must be approved by the Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety.

Banner Password Reset; Unlock Account; Account Deletion.