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Banner INB connection issue

Security practice of allowing e-mail addresses or domain names access or recognition.

Information Technology Services loaner program supports the needs of faculty and staff members that require the use of a University-owned laptop computer for the purpose of business travel.

Instructor-led training: consultation and support

Issues with computer, speakers, keyboard (i.e) hardware malfunction

Individual user mailbox, Email account access

Static IP address (Internal access only), Remote Access to System, DHCP Request

Work order form for technical services.

Click here to submit a project request to ITS for review.

Law School Room Reservation resource availability. (ID: guest, no password)

Software Installation Quote Request Form

Jabber is an on-campus communications application for Windows, Mac OS, and mobile devices. The purpose for this service is to provide instant messaging, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing and conferencing capabilities for faculty/staff.

Access request to additional buildings on campus.

Request one-on-one or group training.

Provide overall governmental reporting support and issue resolution relative to UNC-GA and other state agencies.

Marketing campaign that includes combined services of communications, editing/writing, design and/or photography services.

Modifying\updating existing reports or Dashboards.

Banner SSB pin reset when expired or locked

Banner Password Reset; Unlock Account; Account Deletion.

Student printing issues related to ITS supported printers

Complete this ticket to request a campus announcement.