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Please fill out the request form with detailed description of your Canvas related issue.

Complete this ticket to request a campus announcement.

Office of Institutional Research and Analysis Data Request Form.

Because student data may be passed through LTI, requests for LTIs must be reviewed and approved by the learning management system (LMS) administrators. The LMS team will respond to support requests during regular operating hours.

Multi-faceted projects including combinations of Communications Services, Graphic Design and Photography

User administrative rights are typically reserved for Information Technology Services (ITS) personnel who are responsible for providing administrative services such as system maintenance and user support.

Please fill out the request form with detailed description of your technical issue.

Request for "Quoins/New Brand" NCCU logo.

Request the installation of a new Banner release or patch for any Banner module or a General Administration Interface; request a clone or a backup copy of a Banner table

Security practice of allowing e-mail addresses or domain names access or recognition.

This request is for obtaining information about the data held about you by the University.

Troubleshoot Banner Finance INB or SSB issues

Submit requests to increase or decrease your pcard total or per transaction limit. This can be done on a permanent or temporary basis and is subject to approval.

Web page creation and maintenance

A teleconference classroom and meeting room with video & conferencing capabilities.

Contracts to be uploaded into the Contract Management Tool.

This is a link to the new Active Directory account request form. Please have a faculty/staff member fill out this form to request an account to access NCCU Computers & Services.

Telecom services includes changing the Cisco VoIP phone display name.

News releases, editing services, story submissions

Exception to access for Residential Life Only

CATV/Ethernet/Wall plate that contains these ports.

Self service password reset