Popular Services

Please fill out the request form with detailed description of your technical issue.

Contracts to be uploaded into the Contract Management Tool.

Web page creation and maintenance

Complete this ticket to request a campus announcement.

Access to campus resources, remote desktop access, WebVPN, Banner Access (off campus)

Issues with computer, speakers, keyboard (i.e) hardware malfunction

Telecom services includes changing the Cisco VoIP phone display name.

Provides technical support for audio/visual related services at University sponsored special events.

Software Quote Request Form

This is a link to the new Active Directory account request form. Please have a faculty/staff member fill out this form to request an account to access NCCU Computers & Services.

News releases, editing services, story submissions

Please fill out the request form with detailed description of your Canvas related issue.

Digital marketing, email blasts, press releases, editing services, and speeches/remarks.

Departmental email, Shared mailboxes

Staff/Faculty Portraits, Group Shots, University and Department Event Photos

A software installation is adding a new software on your computer. A software upgrade is a new version of the software that offers a significant change or major improvement over your current version. NOTE: This ticket should only be completed after the Purchase Order is complete for the software.

Guest Wireless Access, Faculty and Staff Wireless, Mobile Access, Group Wireless, On-Boarding Wireless Portal

Brochures, flyers and other print or digital design work

Troubleshoot network connectivity issues.

Individual user mailbox, Email account access

OrcaTV is the university’s digital display platform, in-residence hall television station and residential hall streaming platform.

Telecom can add, remove or change Cisco VoIP desktop phone features