Password Management - Expired Password

NCCU ITS requires all myEOL account passwords to be changed every 180 days. MyEOL provides the user a Password Expiration Notice when the account password is close to expiring(as shown below). The countdown commences 15 days out from the expiration date.  If an account password is not updated before the expiration date, the account won't be accessible. 

NOTE: If your account password has expired and you have not set up Self-Service Password Reset, contact Eagle Technical Assistance Center(ETAC) at 919-530-7676 for assistance with resetting your password.

Self-service Password Reset is a Microsoft-featured tool that will allow enrolled users to reset their own passwords. A user can register for Self-Service Password Reset beforehand to ensure they are able to reset a forgotten or expired password in the future.



Already Enrolled for Self-Service Password Reset

NOT Enrolled for Self-Service Password Reset 

1. Immediately Contact The Eagle Technical Assistance Center (the ITS helpdesk) at 919-530-7676.

2. Be sure to setup password reset once you are able to login to your account

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