Password Management - Forgotten Password (Not Registered for Password Reset)

Self-Service Password Reset is a Microsoft-featured tool that will allow enrolled users to reset their own passwords. If you have not enrolled for password reset you will receive a "We're sorry" page. Please contact the Eagle Technical Assistance Center (the ITS helpdesk) at 919-530-7676 to assist with resetting your password. After your password is reset be sure to visit the steps to enrolling in password reset.

Enroll in Password Reset

Once your password has been reset, be sure to visit and setup password reset.

  1. Visit "" and login
  2. Locate the Help Icon (?)
  3. From the drop down menu, click "Setup Password Reset"

  1. At the Sign in prompt, enter your NCCU email address and click "Next".

  1. You will be redirected to the organization sign in page.


  1. When prompted, enter your current password and click “Sign in”.

  1. Once logged in, you will arrive at the password reset registration page. You will see the different authentication methods for recovery. You will need to set up at least one method to be able to reset your own password in the future. It is recommended, but not required, that you set up as many methods as you can. This provides flexibility when one of the methods isn't available.
    1. Office phone(call): A landline phone number
    2. Authentication Phone (call or text): A phone number other than your office phone 
    3. Authentication Email: An email other than your NCCU email 
    4. Security Questions: If you select this option you will need to set-up 3 questions 

NOTE: You will receive a phone call, text or email message while doing setup to verify that this method of communication is working. You will need access to any configured email address or phone during enrollment.
  1. Once you have completed your choice of settings, select the “finish” button to continue to other applications. It is important to complete this step, or your changes will be lost. 

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