Self-Service Password Reset Required Registration

Registering for Self-Service Password Reset is required. To learn more about Self-Service Password Reset click here. Below are the steps you will encounter with the required registration:

1. Log into Myeol and then click Password Management

Note: If you do not see Password Management listed, click View All Services


2. You will receive a window displaying More information required. Click Next.

3. From the Keep your account secure page, you are presented with the option of enrolling your phone. There are actually three different methods that you can use to secure your account: 

3a.  Enrolling your phone

A code will be sent to your phone. Enter the code. Click Next.

Finished!! Click Done.


3b. Enrolling an email

Choose I want to setup a different method.


Select email.


Type in an email address.



Type in the code you receive in the email generated. Click Next.


Finished! Click Done.


Tip:  It is recommended that you set up as many methods as you can. This gives you flexibility when one of the methods isn't available. Click Security Info to register additional methods.

Issues Registering?


1. Attempt to clear your browser cache and reattempt to register. Steps for clearing cache for your particular browser are below:

Google -

Firefox -

Safari -

Edge -

2. If issue remains after clearing cache, contact the helpdesk at 919-530-7676 or submit a helpdesk ticket here Be sure to include information of the method you wish to register. 

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