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Guide on transferring Zoom recordings to Onedrive
Getting Started with Zoom for First Time Users.
Getting Started with Zoom - if you already have a Zoom account associated with your email.
Inviting a person or Zoom Room to be a webinar panelist.
This guide will assist staff and faculty setup calendar integration for Office 365 for their Zoom Desktop Client
This is a simple students guide with images on how to set up Calendar and Contacts Integration for Zoom desktop client.
Learn best practices for securing your virtual meetings.
collaboration tools
This side-by-side comparison helps break down when to use meetings versus webinars.
Video Tutorials for Zoom Meetings
Video Tutorials for Zoom Webinars
Click the link above to be directed to the course catalog for the Zoom Learning Center, a free resource that contains training modules for all things Zoom related.
Learn the many ways on how to join a Zoom meeting. (3 minutes)