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Microsoft Office information
A brief video showing the trouble with using branching in Microsoft Forms, part of Office 365. (1 minute)
Learn how to convert an Adobe PDF into a Microsoft Word document. (3 minutes)
Learn how to convert a Microsoft Word document into an Adobe PDF. (4 minutes)
Learn the top tips and tricks for Microsoft Outlook Calendar. (16 minutes)
Learn how to setup and use rules within Microsoft Outlook. (16 minutes)
Learn the best tips and tricks for Microsoft Outlook.  (21 minutes)
Learn how you can use Microsoft OneDrive to backup files, to access your files anywhere, and to share and collaborate with others. (24 minutes)
In depth tutorial on all functionality within Microsoft Excel. (52 minutes)
Learn the top tips and tricks when using Microsoft Powerpoint. (18 minutes)
Learn how to use Word with this step-by-step tutorial. (22 minutes)
Office 365 message encryption steps to share protected emails with anybody inside or outside of North Carolina Central University.