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Employee Account Request, AD Profile Changes, DUO Key FOB Request, Email, Individual User Mailbox, and Password Reset.

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AD Profile Changes

AD Profile Changes

Administrative Rights Request Form

User administrative rights are typically reserved for Information Technology Services (ITS) personnel who are responsible for providing administrative services such as system maintenance and user support.

Departmental Shared Mailbox

Departmental Shared Mailbox – Email Account Access

Disable Account

If you need to request an account be disabled due to user suspension, separation or termination; Please use this form.

DUO Key FOB Request

DUO FOB Request

Email/Printing: Add IP to Mail Relay

If you need to request a system be able to send email from campus faculty networks to o365, these devices will need their IP address placed into our "Mail Relay" server. Please provide the IP Address of the system you need added to Mail Relay. Upon successful addition into our mail relay server, instructions will be sent with mailserver FQDN/IP Addresses as needed.

Individual User Mailbox

Individual user mailbox, Email account access

Mail Trace - Missing Email

If you need to request a Mail Trace due to suspected missing messages due to junk/spam; Please use this form. If mail trace determines an issue with mail delivery due to server spam rules in place, a whitelisting rule would have to be requested here.

Password Reset

Self service password reset