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AD Account Request

This is a link to the new Active Directory account request form. Please have a faculty/staff member fill out this form to request an account to access NCCU Computers & Services.

Add Printer/Printing Issues

Add printer, troubleshoot printing issues

Add to Student Print Quota

Add funds to student print quota

Ancillary Processing (Includes Imports, Exports, Data Loads)

Support related to Appworx (Job Scheduling), Adirondack, Symplicity (Accommodate, Career Services), Blackboard, VZ Orientation, JumpForward, Maxient, Distance Learning, Follett Connect-One, J-Point, etc.

Application Upgrades and Patches, Clones, Table Backups

Request the installation of a new Banner release or patch for any Banner module or a General Administration Interface; request a clone or a backup copy of a Banner table

Appworx Management

Job Creation, Account Creation/Modify/Delete or Schedule Change.

Audio & Video Recording

The lecture capture solution in use in the law school allows for the recording of classes, meetings, and other events.


Banner Account Creation Request

Request a new Banner INB Account.

Banner Account Management

Banner Password Reset; Unlock Account; Account Deletion.

Banner Document Management (BDM)

Support related to Banner Document Management

Banner Finance

Troubleshoot Banner Finance INB or SSB issues

Banner General

Troubleshoot Banner General INB or SSB issues

Banner HR, Payroll, Position Control

Support related to Human Resources, Payroll, Position Control, Employee Self-Service

Banner INB Access

Banner INB connection issue

Banner SSB Pin Reset

Banner SSB pin reset when expired or locked

Banner Student

Troubleshoot Banner Student INB or SSB issues

BDM Request

BDM Request Form

Building Access Request

Request to have card access added for buildings/areas on campus.


Cable Television

ITS provides assistance in support for the cable television infrastructure in academic and administrative buildings.

Classroom AV Training

Common Drive-File Sharing

File Sharing

Communications and Marketing Services

Online marketing, email blasts, news releases, editing services.

Creating A New Report or Dashboard

Creating a new report in WebFOCUS and Blackboard Analytics, SAS Analytics


Data Request Form

Office of research, Evaluation and Planning (REP) Data Request Form.

Departmental Shared Mailbox

Departmental Shared Mailbox – Email Account Access

Desktop Support

Issues with computer, speakers, keyboard (i.e) hardware malfunction

Desktop Support

DUO Key FOB Request

DUO FOB Request


Eagle Apps

Virtualized Applications


Departmental email, Shared mailboxes

Equipment Drop Off

Work order form for technical services.

Event Support

Provides technical support for audio/visual related services at University sponsored special events.


FabLab Room Request

Request for the FabLab located in Mary Townes Science Complex.

FACES/25 Live

Troubleshoot and support issues for Faces


General Support

Please fill out the request form with detailed description of your technical issue.

General Web Services

Web page creation and maintenance

Governmental Reporting

Provide overall governmental reporting support and issue resolution relative to UNC-GA and other state agencies.

Graphic Design

Brochures, invitations, flyers and other print, digital and marketing materials are provided.


Hardware Quote

Request a technology quote.


Individual User Mailbox

Individual user mailbox, Email account access

International Travel Laptop Request

Information Technology Services loaner program supports the needs of faculty and staff members that require the use of a University-owned laptop computer for the purpose of business travel.


Jabber Service Request

Jabber is an on-campus communications application for Windows, Mac OS, and mobile devices. The purpose for this service is to provide instant messaging, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing and conferencing capabilities for faculty/staff.


MakerSpace Room Request

Makerspace is a collaborative workspace for making, learning, exploring and sharing.

Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaign that includes combined services of communications, editing/writing, design and/or photography services.

Microsoft Imagine Academy Request

Online digital curriculum, certifications for fundamental technology skills.

Microsoft Office 365 Download Issues

Microsoft Office 365 download issues.

Modifying Existing Report or Dashboard

Modifying\updating existing reports or Dashboards.

myEOL Events & Announcements Request

Complete this ticket to request a campus announcement.


Network Connection

Troubleshoot network connectivity issues.


Office/Individual Move

Office Move is a change in physical location.


Password Reset

Self service password reset

Phone Moves, Adds & Changes

Telecom can add, remove or change Cisco VoIP desktop phone features

Phone Name Change & Voicemail Passcode Reset

Telecom services includes changing the Cisco VoIP phone display name.

Phone Repair

Troubleshoot and repair of VOIP, fax, credit card and emergency circuits etc.

Photography Request

Photography services include head shots, group shots, and university and department events.

Port Repair

CATV/Ethernet/Wall plate that contains these ports.

Problem/Support Request

Use this request to report problems with card access doors/automatic lock issues that are associated with the access control (card access) system.

Project Request

Click here to submit a project request to ITS for review.

Public IP Address

Public Static IP Address, Server IP Address, External access to a resource, Web Server Configuration


QLess Support

QLess is electronic queue management, to assist with preventing physical lines.


Request for Mobile Phone Service

Request new or upgrade NCCU administered mobile phone.

Request to View Security Video

Request to view recorded video footage from security cameras. Justification must be provided for the request and must be approved by the Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety.

Reserve IP Address

Static IP address (Internal access only), Remote Access to System, DHCP Request


SciQuest (Eagles Purch)

Issues/concerns related to Eagle's Purch

SharePoint Departmental Site Request

SharePoint Permissions Request

SharePoint Permissions Request Form

Software Installation/Upgrade

A software installation is adding a new software on your computer. A software upgrade is a new version of the software that offers a significant change or major improvement over your current version. NOTE: This ticket should only be completed after the Purchase Order is complete for the software.

Software Quote Request

Software Quote Request Form

Software Sales

Microsoft Office Pro Plus and Windows 8 Upgrade; Lojack; Microsoft Distribution Program

Student Equipment Loaner Request

Student Printing

Student printing issues related to ITS supported printers

Student Printing Add, Moves & Changes

Additions requested to the Student Printing Program


Technology Enhanced Classroom Support

Classroom technology support issues, Classroom technology design

Telecom Special Events

Special services including ESPN, campus, conference/speaker phone rental for faculty, staff, students and guest. $20.00 per conference phone rental, inquire within for other special services costs.

Teleconference Classroom & Meeting Room Request

A teleconference classroom and meeting room with video & conferencing capabilities.

The Law School Room Reservation

Law School Room Reservation resource availability. (ID: guest, no password)

TouchNet Marketplace uStore Request

eCommerce solution for NCCU departments, campus organizations, and other campus merchants. Marketplace is used to easily create, manage, and operate online storefronts, registration sites, and secure payment pages.


Instructor-led training: consultation and support


University Laptop Program

University Laptop Program; Dell or Apple laptop purchase

User Compromised Account


Video Conference

Virtual Support Request

Virtual Support Request

VPN Access

Access to campus resources, remote desktop access, WebVPN, Banner Access (off campus)

VPN Issues Request


Web Applications and Integrations

Web application development focuses on the interaction and management of information both inside and outside the browser.

Web Graphics

ITS Graphic Design services offers compelling imagery for use within my EOL and web pages hosted inside the content management system.

Web Liaison Training

Request one-on-one or group training.

Web Services Consultation

Request a meeting with Web Services.


On-demand collaboration, online meeting, web conferencing and videoconferencing application.

Webfocus Account Management

Webfocus Account Creation, Modification and Deletion


Security practice of allowing e-mail addresses or domain names access or recognition.

Wireless Access

Guest Wireless Access, Faculty and Staff Wireless, Mobile Access, Group Wireless, On-Boarding Wireless Portal


Ethernet wiring; cable TV and internet